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MY World @ Ang Mo Kio Central

Bryana Huang
13 Mar

M.Y World Preschool @ Ang Mo Kio Central - Donation Drive and Visit to Ren Ci @ Ang Mo Kio (Nursing Home) for Chinese New Year 2024

M.Y World @ Ang Mo Kio Central partnered with Ren Ci @ Ang Mo Kio for our ‘Start Small, Dream Big’ project last year.

In line with Chinese New Year, we have once again organized a donation drive for Ren Ci @ Ang Mo Kio in January. Parents were informed about the donation drive and everyone played a part in donating for a good cause.

Our teachers also spent the past few months emphasising on one of our core values, Respect, as they teach about empathy, kindness to the N2-K2 children in Term 1.

Prior to the visit, the N2 and K2 parents made lanterns using red packets as part of their Term 1 take-home activity. Parents were informed that the lanterns will be donated to Ren Ci @ Ang Mo Kio during our visit, for them to decorate the place.

The K1 children also made decorative fans during paper plates and drew out their designs using markers, as part of their crafts that they would like to pass to the nursing home. 

After a month of collecting donations in school, the K1 & K2 children paid a visit to Ren Ci @ Ang Mo Kio on 31 January 2024. 

During our visit, we handed over the items collected during the Donation Drive, engaged with the seniors by performing our Chinese New Year song pieces, got them to sing and clap along with us as well. The elderly seemed to enjoy themselves so much! 

Our school also prepared Mandarin Oranges, where every child got to hold a pair of oranges and send their regards (拜年) with the elderly. 

The children came back to school and shared their experience in class using one of the cooperative learning strategies, Spider Web. They also drew out what they like about the experience as a form of reflection afterwards.

I am sure that this is a memorable experience for the children involved in this event. 

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