Ortiz Julia

My First Skool @ 49 Rivervale Crescent (RVC03)

Ortiz Julia
24 Oct

Love Donations to St. Luke’s Eldercare

The centre’s aim for its first SSDB project was to build relationship with elders virtually despite the current Covid-19 situation. The children were able to describe their experience for the day as they interact with the elderly. This big event also taught the children to show appreciation for what they have by talking about the ‘Love Donations’ given to the elderly of St. Luke’s Elder Care.

The day engaged both the elders and the children as they celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival together, and got to learn about some practices during Mid-Autumn Festival through our parent involvement.

Prior to the event, the children were introduced to the upcoming event where they prepared a dance number for the elderly. Families also prepared for the “Love Donations”. Lastly, the classes discussed the intention of giving the “Love Donations.”

It was heart warming to see the overwhelming response of the parents for the “Love Donations” for the elderly of St. Luke’s Elder Care Centre. Upon meeting the staff and management of St. Luke’s, they also showed much appreciation when they received not only the donations, but the teachers’ and children’s wishes. Getting the elderly involved in the event was great to see – virtually – as they showed enthusiasm as they were engaged in the activities.

-RVC03 Team

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