Ms Ie Wern

Little Footprints Preschool (Aljunied)

Ms Ie Wern
30 Aug 2017

Little ones with big hearts

Little Footprints Preschool @ Sims has chosen St. John’s Home for the Elderly Persons as our beneficiary for our SSDB 2017 project. This project aims to nurture our children to be caring and gracious citizens growing up to play an active role in creating a kind and compassionate society for our Elderly.

Our children from Kindergaten 1 & 2 spent a morning on 11 May 2017 with the residents of St. John’s Home. The children had the opportunity to tour around their premises and the living conditions of these residents. The home also had cosy and mini park within their premises for the residents to rest and our children were in awe of the variety of plants in the park. Mr Alvin who showed the children around also shared that the home will be undergoing a renovation and a new home to be built.

Our children also had the opportunity to interact with the elderly by doing a hand print art activity together with them. It definitely put a smile on the faces of both the Elderly and the little ones. Through this interaction, our children found that many of the Elderly were friendly and not as scary as they thought initially. They were also able to make connections that they had grandparents at home and hoped that their grandparents will not stay there by themselves one day.

We then held a Flea Market at our school on 28 August 2017 to raise funds towards the building of their new home. We will visit the Home again on 8 September 2017 to hand over all the donations received and the children will put up a mini performance to the residents.

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