Lee Siying

Little Atlas Preschool

Lee Siying
7 Sep 2023

Little Heroes for the Elderly @ Ling Kuang Home

This week, our little innovators decided to be heroes for our community, the elderly!

The children arrived at Ling Kwang Home for Seniors bright and early on a Saturday morning! They performed two songs for them, ’What I Am’ and ‘听我说谢谢你’. During the preparation phase, the children incorporated the sign language they learned from “Heroes in Our Life – Occupational & Speech Therapist” activity. As some of the seniors have hearing difficulties, using sign language learnt benefitted the children’s volunteering experience. We were touched to witness the seniors moving their hands imitating the sign language. The children also had an incredible power to bring joy and laughter to the lives of the elderly. Their innocent smiles and playful energy lit up the room.

Next, the children were split into groups and drew together with the elderly on their tote bags! As it was their first time interacting with a big group of seniors, they felt a mixture of curiosity and nervousness. However, as they engaged in conversations and activities with the residents, these apprehensions quickly faded away. Within each group, they discussed with the seniors and drew what they liked on the bags. They drew flowers, rainbows and even dinosaurs! 

The seniors were thoroughly appreciative of the children’s efforts and continued to thank them and gave comforting hugs. The simple act of listening to the elderly share their life stories became a bridge that connected different generations. These interactions made the elderly feel valued and loved, which can be particularly meaningful for those who may not have regular visitors.

At the end of the session, the children were interviewed about their experiences. They shared that they were glad to see the seniors smiling and it shows that they were happy. Through this experience, they heard stories of resilience, perseverance, and adaptability. The seniors imparted wisdom that goes beyond textbooks, teaching children about the importance of family, love, and the passage of time.

Visiting Ling Kwang Home for the Elderly was a heartwarming experience that left a lasting impact on the children. It nurtured qualities such as empathy, compassion, and understanding while breaking down age-related stereotypes. It created meaningful connections between generations, enriching the lives of both young and old. The memories formed during these encounters will serve as a reminder that the beauty of human connection knows no age boundaries, and it is a treasure to be cherished and celebrated.

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