Nadra Ang

Little Footprints Preschool (Yishun 865)

Nadra Ang
1 Jun

LFP Y865 Family is love (Part 2)

As we continue to embark on our theme, ‘family is love’ for our SSDB project this year, we hosted an outdoor learning workshop cum Mother’s Day celebration. This workshop cum celebration continues to allow mothers to spend more quality time with their child/children while understanding the importance of exploring the natural environment.

The workshop consisted of a yoga session, and a slide show presentation to share more about how mothers can inculcate children to have a love for the natural environment. The teachers also planned a handful of fun-filled activities such as frozen nature, bingo, and texture rubbing; outdoors. Next, mothers and children were invited back indoors to partake in different craft-making such as nature dress-up and weaving displays.

Lastly, we invited a parent volunteer to read a story titled, ‘Becky Bunny and the Missing Treasure’ from the Families for Life resources. All the mothers and their child/children had a great time and we have received plenty of positive feedback from them. To end the event, mothers were given a token of appreciation to thank them for being such superheroes!

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