Marina Ho

MOE Kindergarten @ Blangah Rise

Marina Ho
5 Aug

Let's Learn to Be Kind

MOE Kindergarten @ Blangah Rise commemorated Earth Day on 19 April this year. Our students learnt that rising sea levels because of climate change can affect Singapore. Deforestation, burning of fossil fuels for gas and electricity, the increasing waste that is accumulated in landfills and carbon dioxide emission from vehicles over the years have had detrimental effects on our environment.

Our students learnt how they can play their part in protecting our earth. They were introduced to how recycling should be done using the “Bloobin”. They learnt that items like plastic bottles should be cleaned before they are placed in the “Bloobin”. They also learned what items can be recycled. Our students brought items for recycling from home and placed them in the Bloobin in school. Our students were delighted to be able to play their part in being “kind” to our earth through this exercise.

On a separate day, our students were enthralled to watch a zoom puppet show performance by Singapore Kindness Movement. The values of patience, social responsibility and friendship were learnt through this session. Our students understood that we should all be responsible to ensure that we care for friends as well as the earth in our daily actions.

This year’s SSDB focus has indeed given our students knowledge and values to remember and practise.

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