Abear Beverly Guarin

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Ang Mo Kio-Hougang Blk 632 (DS)

Abear Beverly Guarin
4 May 2021

Let’s upcycle! ❤️

Children showcase their creativity, inventiveness and imagination in crafting their own work of art. This year’s SSDB project is mainly all about “upcycling”. Teachers, parents and children work together to create unique artwork out of upcycled products such as plastic water bottles, carton, used clothes, and many more. This project aims to build awareness for our children on how important to keep our environment clean and green.

On month of July, K1A and K1B made their own photo frame out of carton, buttons, plastic caps bubble wrap and card boards.

Let’s take a look…….

On month of August, K1A children created their own unique and beautifully made pencil holder. It is made up of plastic water bottles, card boards, ice cream sticks, buttons and other art materials.

Children in action in 3 2 1…..

On the other hand, K1B made a pot out of plastic water bottle in line with Term 4 theme “Plants and Vegetables, they planted green beans in their own upcycled environment friendly pot.

 Children were able to develop creativity and imagination out of the recycled materials being used. 

Good job kids! ❤️

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