Siti Khadijah Binte Suparman


Siti Khadijah Binte Suparman
16 Jul 2020

Learning Vision @ NTU Celebrating Differences

Learning Vision @ NTU started by wanting to get to know people who are different from us. Children were watching some videos on how people with differences actually live their life and how they make do with what they have and their strength as they face daily life challenges.

Children shared their thoughts and even questions that they have in mind about children with differences. We then decided on getting to know more about friends who are hearing impaired - wanting to befriend them and know how we could contribute and at least understand them a little better. They wrote pledge cards wishes and hopes for this project and created a video with regards to this.

As we plan the project, we realised that a lot of activities can be done with the children and the community. Children shared their idea on how they would want to contribute and how they thought the project should be.

The children learnt some hand signs as a start to understanding the way of life of people with hearing impairments. They get the opportunity to learn a song titled “You are my sunshine” with hand signs too!

We hope to work together with our community partners to make this project a successful one and we hope all of us will benefit from it. Do watch out for our SSDB Launch video soon!

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