Devis Lowella Grace Joy Candia

EB0002 E-Bridge Pre-School (615B Edgefield Plains)

Devis Lowella Grace Joy Candia
23 Oct 2018

Launch Party!

The children entertained the elderly with a song and a dance performance during our first visit to Bright Hill Evrgreen Home last 6 April, 2018 for our Launch Party!

After the performance, the children worked with the elderly to create flower crafts using paper plates.

We also brought a banner with us saying “Together, We Can Make a Difference.” As we participate in this project, we aim to teach the children the value of kindness and respect towards others, especially towards the elderly. We believe that every small act of kindness can make a great impact to the community when we do it together.

After the visit, the children were invited to a discussion on how we can show kindness to their grandparents and to other people in the community. The children expressed what they have learnt from our experience in their special SSDB journals.

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