Nadhirah Norizan

Skool4Kidz @ Tampines GreenRidges

Nadhirah Norizan
27 May 2021

Knowing Pandas

Today we kicked start our SSDB Project on Wildlife. We have chosen Panda as the animal that we will help save! Prior to watching a video to get to know pandas, we had a discussion to share what we know about them. Some of us shared that they have seen the pandas at Singapore Zoo. We were curious about what pandas eat and where the sleep. We watched a short Nat Geo Wildlife video on panda. From the video, we learnt that pandas eat bamboos and like to sleep a lot! But we became more interested in finding out more things about pandas. We churned out a list of questions that we would like to know more about pandas! Then we made a drawing of a panda in out Reflective Journal. We will be updating our Journal regularly throughout our SSDB Project. 

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