Owena Ho Jia En

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Tampines Central Blk 858 (CC)

Owena Ho Jia En
24 Sep 2022

Kindness Makes Us Strong Puppet Show x Launch Party 2022! (From HEART to ART)

To kick start the project, we linked up with SKM for a puppet show for our launch party!

Children enjoyed the interactive puppet show so much and learnt a lot about kindness and also learnt some ways they can show kindness.

We then shared some slides with the children and teachers on what the project and objectives of SSDB 2022 is going to be for our centre.

We then came up with a project title and a logo together!

And then after a few weeks of brainstorming with the K1 and K2 children…we came up with the Main Concept of the project:

We also set a few learning goals for our children!

The children came up with many ideas and have decided to work with a few organisations for this project.

Everyone is very excited to kick start the project and children started telling parents about it too! 😊👍🏻

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