Capila Diana Mercado

Kidz Meadow Childcare and Development Centre (Eunos)

Capila Diana Mercado
25 Apr

Kidz Meadow Eunos SSDB Launching (Family and Community, They are a Part of Me)

It’s the time of the year again where the children are given learning opportunities to take part and give back to our community. Kidz Meadow Eunos held its SSDB 2022 Launching cum Earth Day with our theme “Family and Community, They are a Part of Me” on 22nd April, 2022. The launching was held through zoom session with parents. Children dressed up in their most creative and environmental friendly costumes which they created with their parents. The launch started with a slide presentation about our SSDB 2022 Project presented by Teacher Jing followed by the K1 and K2 children sharing their ideas on what they can do for family and community. On top of that, the children prepared an inspiring performance where they sang a song “We can make a difference.” Truly, our children can make a difference as they start their SSDB journey with family, friends and community. The programme ended with a lively performance by the K1 and K2 children as they sang and danced ‘Roll over the ocean, Roll over the sea’ together with the parents using their recycled shaker. The launch was officially made by asking Guganesh (K1) and Nathan (K2) to unveil our SSDB banner. At the end of the launch, the children showcased their outfit on the red carpet during our mini-fashion show.

Prior to this launch, our N2, K1 and K2 children helped their teachers in preparing the SSDB banner where they used different recycled materials such as cardboard, bottlecaps, newspaper and toilet rolls. Our parents helped us to assist their children at home in creating wonderful costumes and shakers made by recyclables. 

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