Noor Aidah Bte Matnor

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Pasir Ris West Blk 517 (kn)

Noor Aidah Bte Matnor
5 Sep 2017

Keep Fit and Get Moving!

Reaching out to grandparents and senior citizens in the neighbourhood to keep fit and get moving. The K2 children brainstormed on ways to engage their grandparents and other seniors in the community at the Senior Citizen Corner actively. They planned morning exercises to help the seniors keep fit in their golden years 

Brochures were designed and distributed to their grandparents and other seniors at the Senior Citizen Corners in the vicinity. The seniors were invited to participate in our Keep Fit and Get Moving project at our school’s mullti purpose hall on 12th may 2017 at 8am.

In the journey of distributing the brochures to the seniors at the Senior Citizen Corners, they in return invited us to join them in their morning exercise at the vicinity too. Our children were so excited and happily joined in their exercise.

After the mass exercise, the children and some parent voulnteers mingled with the seniors.

On August 30th, we extended our project to further advocate healthy lifestyle by getting our K2 children to present the senior citizens with an apple and a bottle of mineral water. We sent out letters to parents asking them to allow their children to bring apples to school for this project. We received a favourable response from the parents in contributing to the project. The children helped to label the mineral water bottles with “Love Yourself, Live Healthily”.

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