Connie Huang

Carpe Diem @ Hilltop

Connie Huang
30 Sep 2019

Kampung @ Hilltop

SSDB 2019 overarching theme of “Learn from Our Past, Dream of Our Future” inspired “Kampung @ Hilltop” to pay homage to the Merdeka Generation for their contribution to Singapore. Through “Kampung @ Hilltop”, we seek to expose the children to Singapore’s heritage through a series of events:

  1. Learning journey to Kidzania’s “Kidz & Heritage: Singapura Edition”.

  2. Creating “old school” merchandises to sell and raise funds

  3. Invite families to join us for “Kampung @ Hilltop” carnival

  4. Spend time with elderly @ RENCI AMK and donate funds raised

As an introduction, we brought the Kindergarten 1 and 2 children to Kidzania to learn more about Singapores’ heritage. 

K1 & K2 at KidZania (17th April 2019)

Then, we brainstormed ideas of items to create and sell during our carnival. Indeed, we invited our whole kampung to pitch in! Our Kindergarten 2 children were facilitating the different booths with our teachers. 

The Playgroup children helped to create our banners. The Nursery 1 children decorated floor tiles to be sold as coasters. The Nursery 2 children decorated small pouches, haversack and totebags. The Kindergarten 1 children drew iconic dishes on A4 folders whereas the Kindergarten 2 children drew landmarks in Singapore on mugs.

K2 children and our staff at the merchandise booths. (19th July 2019)

We also prepared life-sized versions of old school games such as fishing, tic tac toe, country eraser flip and ring toss!

Games booth! Are you ready for the challenge?

To heighten up the kampung atmosphere, we sold old school snacks and drinks. The children and families had fun interacting and playing the games together.

An array of childhood snacks!

At the end of our Carnival, we were proud to make a profit of $1971.30 and all proceeds go to RENCI @ AMK. The Kindergarten 2 children also had the opportunity to interact, play games and perform for the elderly folks at RENCI @ AMK. We really enjoyed their warmth and hospitality.

The K2 children during the visit to RENCI @ AMK. (1st August 2019)

Through the above activities, we would like to provide an opportunity for children to understand what our pioneers went through to help them better appreciate our current environment. 

We encouraged children to discuss and aspire about how they would want to contribute to Singapore in the future. “No one can do everything but everyone can do something”.

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