Carmela Marie Cabangal Dulaca

EB0002 E-Bridge Pre-School (615B Edgefield Plains)

Carmela Marie Cabangal Dulaca
8 May 2022

K2 children from E-Bridge @ 615 Edgefield Plains launches 'Clean your bowl' advocacy

The K2 children raised awareness amongst students and families about the food wastage in Singapore. The K2 students and teachers prepared a PowerPoint presentation to provide more information on this topic as well as stickers to encourage their friends to finish each meal with a clean bowl. 

This week-long campaign was promoted in school across all levels. The teachers emphasize the importance of combating food waste with the slogan “Clean your bowl. Love your food.”

The families were encouraged to implement this practice at home by minimizing daily food wastage. They have shared their family photos with their empty plates and bowls. We are pleased with the school community’s positive response with this initiative.

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