Yan Hong

MFS - Blk 671 Jurong West

Yan Hong
31 Aug 2019

JW2: Care From Me To You

In our discussions about how to incorporate kindness in our daily life, the children talked about how we can show kindness to others by helping them.

Thus, on 14 August 2019, we have decided to engage the children and their families in a Family Day sports event where they work together to try out the different activities planned out by the teachers.

The children were encouraged to work together with their family members to accomplish the different sports activities carried out. They were able to take turns with each other to participate in the events and everyone had a great time together with their loved ones.

The Skoolready children participated in a three-legged race…

And the Educare children were engaged in a newspaper ball pass activity with their families!

Afterwards, it was free and easy time for the families as they spent quality time with their families with activities like kite flying, picnic and using playground facilities together.

Thank you parents for your participation of this event!

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