Tan Hui Jun

Little Atlas Preschool

Tan Hui Jun
11 Aug

Join us for Charity!

When we think about the word ‘Connect’, many questions come to mind…

Who do we connect with?

How do we connect?

What should I do?

After much thought and discussion, Little Atlas Preschool decided to step out of our comfort zone and reach out to our community! Since Covid-19 struck, our little innovators have been enclosed indoors without many opportunities for open interactions or experienced the liveliness of a full-fledged event.

Hence, as part of our school’s National Day and Parents’ Day event, we decided to host a Charity Carnival! Our SSDB theme - “We Heartly Connect: Celebrating Families and Singapore” - which presents a time and an opportunity for us to reach out to parents and the public. Teachers prepared food, drinks and games stalls, and roped in community partners to help organise an evening of fun within our school campus. It was a small event, but definitely cosy and successful. Our children got involved in the process of marketing the event, understood that the proceeds would go towards a good cause and why, and made it a point to advertise to as many people as possible! The proceeds raised through this carnival would benefit the needy families and the less privileged children supported by a local non-profit organisation - Children’s Well Wishing.

As the Charity Carnival is open to the public, our little innovators were roped in to reach out to as many people as possible and raise awareness for what we were about to do. Geared up with their SSDB hats and flyers in their hands, they headed to the nearest public places like the Aljunied MRT station and nearby bus stops to distribute them. Our children would approach people and ask them politely if they would like to participate in our carnival, while explaining the date and time for it and how this charity would benefit other children from Children’s Well Wishing. Of course, with their sweetest smiles and bright cherry “Hello!”, it is no wonder these adults gushed and smiled. We are sure it made their day too.

The fear to approach and connect with people unfamiliar to us is definitely daunting. However, our children learned to practise their courage, heart, and charisma through an eventful and busy morning. They even went home and continued to “sell” the event to their families and relatives too! We heard really funny stories… 😉

Here are some more photos of our children in their best smiles and confidence to approach passersby and store owners. They gave it their all and made effort to explain what our Charity Carnival is about and what we have in store for this special day. We hope the public is touched by our little innovators’ determination and will join us for our Charity Carnival for a good cause and family fun! Stay tuned for updates about how it went! Coming up next…

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