Garcia Eryka Ma Gabrielle Medina

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Hong Kah Blk 447 (CC)

Garcia Eryka Ma Gabrielle Medina
30 Sep 2019

Involving Parents with Our K1 and K2 Water Ambassadors!

Our centre had also created a “Start Small, Dream Big” feature wall to display our activities related to water conservation, protecting our seas and resources, and collaboration activities using resources provided by PUB in the SSDB kit.

This display is also one of our ways to continuously promote our advocacy towards the conservation of water.

Our teachers extended our learnings on the conservation of water by teaching us how to care for our friends under the sea. We learned that these sea creatures also need as much care and love just as how we show to the animals on land. We identified some of the little ways we can show concern to them.

One of the ways was to use the SSDB pledge stars to write our promises in keeping our beaches and seas clean, litter-free and plastic-free. We also invited our parents down to the centre to share with them what we have learned.

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