MY World @ Tampines Changkat

30 Aug 2017

i-share, we-care, be-aware

Start of March: Planning for the Welcome back party

Prior to Shi En’s returning, her classmates were asking about her; things like “When is she returning?”, “How is she?” and “How does she look like?” The class teacher talked to the class about her condition and prepared them by explaining the things that may be different from the way they saw her in the previous year (before her operation). Some children had seen her outside of school at public places such as the mall and market, had shared their observations with the class. They described that Shi En had very little hair and she was sitting on the pram. Some were also wondering why she can’t walk properly. The class teacher addressed their questions and concerns by answering their questions. The children were very much excited when they came to know that she would be back to join them this year hence they decided to throw a welcome party for her. They created a banner that had each of them drawn out and the words “Welcome Back Shi En, We love you”.

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