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30 Aug 2017

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2016-2017: Shi En is recovering!

When we found that Shi En was diagnosed with brain tumour in the year 2016, we were heartbroken and tried our best in providing solutions and assistance for her family. The Principal and the teachers were in contact with the mother before and during her surgery period to give moral support to the whole family. Shi En’s mother had declined our offer in receiving financial assistance and decided to allow Shi En to study and have fun instead of pushing her in excelling in her academic. The principal assured the mom that there will be a place for her at the centre when she gets better and ready to join us. 

After the operation was carried out, the teachers and principal went down to visit her. As much as Shi En was happy to see us, it was sad to see her in great pain as well. A few months passed and when we called to check on her, the mom told us that she has been reacting positively to the chemotherapy and she is getting better. She also mentioned that she will be joining school as she is much more stable. The mom brought her to school to see her friends and catch up with them. Both her teachers and her classmates were very happy to see her and were very positive with her. They were also very warm and welcoming and asked her about when she will be coming back to school. Shi En was also happy to see her old friends and showed interest in returning back to school.

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