Khalsa Kindergarten

21 Nov 2022

How do Seeds become Plants?

Khalsa Kindergarten embarked on the gardening project by partnering with ‘National Parks Board’. This project aimed to encourage children to develop of sense love & responsibility towards nature. Our little gardeners experienced the process of the growth of the plants. Our cheer parents joined hand with us to make this project more fun and meaningful. Here comes our story..

We began the project with the learning journey to Botanic garden & Koh Fah Technology farm. This helped children to build knowledge about the needs of the plants and the importance to cherish the crops we receive from Mother Earth. Here’s where community places an important roles in childrens learning and development.

Children got ready to be ‘little Farmers’

All the children received a packet of seedlings as take home kit. With the help and support from parents, Children learnt the process of how the seedlings sprout, transplanted and harvested. One of the main learning disposition is ‘Perseverance’. This is what children learn while growing their plants. They have to wait couple of days for the plants to grow. Along the way, they also invented new discoveries and possibilities of the growth of the plant.

Our role as an educators is to keep Children’s learning on going. Children and Teachers decided to make salad from the harvested vegetables . This was so fun!

Teachers gathered the response and reflection from the children. It was delightful to hear the different stories from children. Some children shared that their seeds didn’t sprout, so they tried with other seeds like green bean and fenugreek. That’s how they learn to problem solve.

Through this project we extended Children’s learning beyond classroom, that open the door to many more learning opportunities for the children.

Not forgetting our slogan, ‘No one can do everything, but everyone can do Something’

Stay tuned ! See you next year with lot more exciting stories :)

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