Foo Soo Khuen

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Ayer Rajah-Gek Poh Blk 750 (KN)

Foo Soo Khuen
8 Jan

Helping Hand We Have          Together We Care                       (Story 2: Showing Appreciation to SMRT Bus Captains)                     Date: 12th May 2023

About a month before the visit to the Woodland SMRT Bus Interchange, the family, teachers and children worked together to create art and craft work to be presented to the SMRT Bus Captains. In their special ways, they created a variety of art and craft works to express their appreciation to the Bus Captains. 

 1) N1 teachers and children created appreciation plaques for the SMRT Bus Captains.

  1. N2 teachers and children created thank you cards in the design of an Articulated SMRT Bus.
  1. K1 parents and the children created kindness garlands using different types of art mediums.
  1. K2 parents and the children created 3D SMRT Bus Models using recycled materials.
  1. The teachers and the K2 children packed the goodie bags which consisted of the art and craft work, a towel and some healthy snacks contributed by the parents.
  1. The parents, children, teachers and the principal visited the Woodland SMRT Bus Interchange on 12th May. There was a tour in the bus interchange, followed by a short theory session.
  1. After which, the children took turns to present the goodie bags to the SMRT Bus Captains.

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