Foo Soo Khuen

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Ayer Rajah-Gek Poh Blk 750 (KN)

Foo Soo Khuen
8 Jan

Helping Hand We Have         Together We Care                          (Story 1: Project Launch)               Date: 28th April 2023

  1. The Principal and the Teachers presented a Kindness Skit to the children.

The skits showed different ways of expressing kindness to the people around us. They also informed the children to show kindness to the environment and things around us.

The story line of the skits were:

  • Showing kindness to the elderly by helping her to pick up the groceries.

  • Showing kindness to the neighbours by keeping the noise level low.

  • Showing kindness to someone who is injured.

  • Showing kindness to the environment by disposing the rubbish in the right place.

  • Showing kindness to the public property by appreciating the plants in the environment.

  1. The teachers and the children sang the theme song, Showing Kindness Yes I Will. They recited the theme, Helping Hand We Have, Together We Care. With that we launched the SSDB President Challenge Project for 2023.
  1. The children created Kindness Puppets using the recycled socks they brought from home. Other materials provided were felt cloth, yarn, googly eyes and white glue. They played with the hand puppets during the learning centre session. They created dialogues about showing kindness.

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