Taeza Luthgarde Pearl Brillantes

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Teck Ghee Blk 466 (KN)

Taeza Luthgarde Pearl Brillantes
21 Oct 2020

Healthy-Living With Our Green Produce

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. —Hippocrates

This quote that has been around for centuries highlights the importance of proper nutrition as our primary prevention to diseases like COVID-19. The nutrients in the food that we eat have healing properties and boosters for our immune system thus ensuring good health and well-being.

The children watched the growth of their spinach from seed to a young plant.

Our SSDB project has therefore teamed up with our centre’s Green Cove project to let the children bring home their produce and promote healthy eating habits with their family. In the Green Cove project, the children grew vegetables using the hydroponics system, i.e. using nutrient based water without the need for soil.

The full-grown spinach make a lavish display that catches one’s attention.

The children have been on a two-month journey to observe the growth of the spinach seeds that they sowed last August. They visited their vegetables diligently to monitor their growth and health. After these plants have grown to their desired height and their leaves to lush green, the children donned their hats and prepared for harvest.

There was pure joy and excitement when the children collected their spinach.

Each child had a handful of spinach to bring home. Their parents cooked the leaves in different recipes which they and their children heartily ate. “My child was so proud to bring the spinach home. This kind of activity is a great opportunity for children to gain curiosity and appreciate nature,” said a parent when he shared his insight about the activity.

Parents shared the appetizing meals that they prepared for their family.

The children enjoyed their healthy and delicious meal.

Let’s eat our veggies to fight COVID-19!

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