Nurul Kamilliya Binte Kamil

Learning Vision @ Nanyang Polytechnic

Nurul Kamilliya Binte Kamil
29 Aug 2017

Giving thanks, spreading sunshine

The Kindergarten 1 children, together with parent volunteers, went to East coast park beach to help out with a beach cleaning volunteer trail (in conjunction with NEA).

This ties into our SSDB project as the children were showing appreciation to the cleaners of East Coast Park by helping them clear up as much rubbish as they can.

This activity helped the children to value the cleaners who work under the hot sun to keep the beach clean, even though the mess left behind was not theirs.

This experience allowed the children to also understand that saying thank you and showing gratitude does not always have to be materialistic: lending a helping hand sends just as important of the message! :)

Our little ones actively picking up litter and throwing it into plastic bags provides by NEA, which were all made of recycled plastic.

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