Teacher Maria

Kidz Meadow Childcare @ Jurong West

Teacher Maria
24 Nov 2022

Fun with Heritage!

The children at Kidz Meadow - Jurong West had various activities in order to understand the intangible cultural heritage in Singapore. 

To start off, they were introduced to Dikir Barat. A traditional Malay cultural performance which typically comprises a tok juara (lead vocalist), a tukang karut (jester), an awok-awok (chorus) of 12-16 people, and a percussion ensemble of musicians. The children tried to interpret and dance along to one of Dikir Barat performance.

Next, they were exposed to Chinese Peking Opera. The children were amazed to see the transformation and movement of Peking Opera performers. They were inspired to decorate their own mask and imitate their expressions, too. 

Lastly, the children learned about Rangoli and how it helps to make special occasions/celebration of our Indian friends become more bright, lively and colourful. The children painted to give colour to a Rangoli outline provided to them and shared about their design to their friends.

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