Nur Syahirah Binte Mohamed Jaafar

Learning Vision @ Changi Business Park

Nur Syahirah Binte Mohamed Jaafar
28 Oct

Food Fiesta 2020

The children participated in the Food Fiesta as part of a fund raising campaign. The funds earned from this event will be used to donate food products to distribute to the identified community beneficiaries (eg. FoodBank Singapore, Covid-19 Frontliners).

With this event, it helped the children to develop and practise social involvement as they participated in a fund raising campaign.

The theme for this year is ‘Singapore Traditional Food’.

Prior to the actual event, the children displayed entrepreneurship skills as they carried out various roles in the online selling of their food products such as creating of poster and marketing video to promote their food products.

The children also had the opportunity to be engaged in cookery session of the focused Singapore Traditional Food, prior to the actual Food Fiesta event.

The children posed with their final food product before distributing to the other classes based on the orders.

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