Nurulhuda Hamidi

Iman Kindergarten (Yishun)

Nurulhuda Hamidi
3 Aug

Father’s Day: Wau Take Home Kit

In conjunction with Father’s Day on 21st June 2020, Iman Kindergarten Yishun launched a Take Home Wau Kit. This is our very first time celebrating Father’s Day with our children in school. Appreciating family members is inculcated together with our Malay Heritage in Wau-making in this year Start Small Dream Big (SSDB).

Our aim was to create awareness on the heritage of Wau and enriched both father and child learning experiences. It cultivates an appreciation for the traditional Terengganu leisure sport whilst strengthening the bond and teamwork between them.

Prior to the launch, information like the origins and different types of Wau were shared to our children. For example, the name “Wau Bulan” was inspired by the crescent moon-like shape. “Bulan” means moon in Malay. With the right colour, “Wau Bulan” resembles a rising crescent moon when flown. “Wau Kucing” and “Wau Merak” were inspired by animals.

After the sharing session, our Imanites were excited to bring home their kit which includes an A4 template of a Wau, 2 pieces of crepe papers for tassels along with the orange bucket hat. Our Imanites together with their fathers were to gather more information to gain an historical depth and the process of Wau making. After which, they put on their creative hats in designing their very own Wau.

Upon completion of this project, we gathered an insightful feedbacks from our parents. They pointed out that it was a great exposure for their children as they were exposed to the typical western kites during their younger days. It added an extra layer of learning for the children.

Here are some of the feedbacks we received.

“It was educational, and we had fun designing the Wau. Our boy previously only knew “kite” and the Western type of kites. We shared with him about Wau and the different Wau designs, so that was very good. It’s also great that parents could play their part in projects like this!” – Parent of our Imanite in N2. 

 ”It was a good initiative for father and children bonding. It brought up questions and all of us learn alot. I will like to see more take home kits in the future for families to work on. Keep up the great job Teachers and staffs of Iman Kindergarten.” – Parent of 3 Imanites in N2, K1 and K2. 

 ”It was a creative idea to engage all of us for the project. The materials given were sufficient and instructions were easy to follow too. I definitely enjoyed making the Wau with my girls, thank you for the experience!” – Parent of 2 Imanites in N2 and K2.

These enriching moments were documented and shared with us and other parents via our Padlet platform@

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