Obusan Mary Rose Ferrer

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bukit Timah Blk 12 (CC)

Obusan Mary Rose Ferrer
28 Sep 2021

Far Apart, Closer to Heart

Parent’s Day Celebration was organized to show appreciation to dear parents. This year’s focus is caring for family members and by being healthy physically and emotionally. The activities gave children opportunities to extend love, kindness and respect to their parents by staying connected and by promoting healthy well-being.

Each class lead and presented dance exercise and the parents were invited to dance along virtually. And it was exciting experience to witness 62 parents, teachers and staff and the children having ‘zoomercise’ and dancing to the beat.

The program also included 2 virtual workshops presented by teachers for the parents. First is “Making Food Preparation Fun for the Whole Family” to promote healthy eating habits, and the other talk is “Keeping Emotions at Bay”, to promote positive and refreshed emotional well-being.

The program was a success and the children were very happy to show little acts of kindness by promoting healthy lifestyle and strengthening their relationship with their parents and peers.

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