Ms Cheryl

Brilliant Tots @ Kelulut

Ms Cheryl
22 Sep 2022

Every little GREEN counts !

Love green , save green! A cleaner environment, a better tomorrow.

In our previous story, we shared of how our little Kelulut children got excited with their hands- on vegetables potting and planting activity. 

And so, to reinforce and enhance their learning on making the Earth a cleaner and greener place to live in…, we took our children to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden! 

At Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, our little ones get their first hand experiences with the flaura and fauna! 

Jacob Ballas has so much to offer! With the sensorial experiences, their learning development has definitely strengthened. 

With all the greenery and sensorial activities Jacob Ballas has, our Kelulut children had a blast! The experience enables them to form connections with the environment from their time spent with nature, and also deepens their environmental awareness of their surroundings.

Stay tuned to the next part of our learning experiences!

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