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19 Jun 2019

Educational Trip to NeWater Visitor Centre

  • In conjunction to our project on ‘Water Conservation’ the children from Mini World Child Care had visited the NeWater Visitor Centre on 26th March 2019.

  • The objective of our trip was to create awareness on water conservation. During the trip, children were introduced to the importance of water conservation, NeWater production processes and water saving tips through story session, exhibition and games.

  • Besides learning about water conservation, the children also participated in the Mini Rain Garden Workshop which aims to teach children about the basics of water filtration. Using their mini rain gardens, water can be filtered without the use of harmful chemicals. They were given first hand experince interacting with natural materials such as soil, stones, pebbles ….etc.

  • Overall, it was indeed an enriching and informatic trip for the children and they were having fun experience too.

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