Ma Rachelle Agravante

My Kiddie Klubhouse Pte Ltd

Ma Rachelle Agravante
9 Sep

Eco - Friendly Craft

  • Something Green, Something Recycled something that would save not only the nature but also will help the elderly people. 

MKK children drew and painted recycled fabrics and turned them into useful tote bags, tissue holders, pouches and coasters.

  • Moreover children showcased their creativity through arranging a terrarium.
  • Playgroup, N1 and N2 children made a layer by pouring a variety of coloured pebbles, soil, indoor plant and small ornaments.
  • They also developed the value of responsibility and appreciation for nature by taking care of their very own terrariums for 3 weeks to make sure that the plants grow healthy and won’t wither.

  • How proud we are that our MKK children were engaged in these kind of activities which aim in having a better community!

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