Nuruljannah Binte Mohamad Sukor

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Fernvale Blk 416A (DS)

Nuruljannah Binte Mohamad Sukor
9 Nov

Dragon Head #RegardlessofRace

The final #Regardlessofrace project they worked on were the Chinese culture. To sum up their learning and discovery on Chinese culture, each child were given a kit consisting of paper plates, googly eyes, different coloured papers. With the given kit and materials, children were tasked to do a dragon head craft at home. Children were also encouraged to be as creative when creating their dragon head and may use their own recycled materials they could source from home.

Children really put in a lot of thoughts and effort in completing their final SSDB project craft. We were so amazed looking at all the pictures shared by parents on how they further beautify the Dragon Head using their own materials such as feathers, false eyelashes, pompoms and many more! All the dragon heads looks so GOOD!

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