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23 Jun 2018

Cubbies Onboard @ Mini World

To celebrate Kindness Day SG ( KDSG) in the month of May. We have used the KDSG celebration package to integrate and carry out kindness activities in our lesson plan and curriculum. 

Our teachers have read the big book “Cubbies Onboard” to the class and use the prompts at the back of each page. They have discussed on how to show appreciation to public transport staff and various kind and unkind acts on public transport and shared paths. They have also brainstormed on ways to react kindly in train fault situations.

The children have carried out the bus folding craft activity after reading Cubbies Onboard! They have written their message of thanks to a public transport staff. 

We will organise an outing for them to hand out these folded bus cubes to public transport staff……stay tune with us…….

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