Lau Hui Ying

Grace Child Development Centre

Lau Hui Ying
20 Jul

Creating table game activities for the elderlies

Children designed and created table game activities that are suitable for the elderlies. Many of them created games such as ‘snake and ladder’, ‘tic-tac-toe’, ‘toss the marbles/five stones’ and ‘memory games’. Some of the parents also assisted their children to record the game instructions to teach the elderlies how to go about playing the games. 

In the school, the chinese teachers also got children to create additional games that targets on teaching the elderlies self help skills such as ‘brushing teeth’ with the teeth brushing kit and creating busy board with locks for them to manipulate with. The chinese teachers then got children to record the game instructions in mandarin as most of the elderlies are mandarin speaking. 

All the videos were collated and saved in a thumbdrive. The games and thumbdrive were then sent to the elder care centre for the elderlies to play. 

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