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Little Atlas Preschool

Tan Hui Jun
2 Aug

Connecting with Community

Little Atlas’ SSDB - “We Heartly Connect” redirects our little innovators to connect with the community beyond our family. A child’s relationship environment begins in the family and extends to adults and peers outside of the family - our community. Community plays an exceptionally important role in a child’s development.

In the next episode of our SSDB development, our teachers designed a mini 3-day quest for our young Innovators to take on various obstacles, observe their environment, and reach out to the community. Check them out!

First, our teachers staged a skit titled “To the Galaxy and Beyond” - venturing out into the unknown universe can be a scary experience for many. However, with confidence and keen skills, we are able to achieve so much more and reach out to create meaningful connections. During the skit, our young Innovators were tasked with missions to overcome and help needy neighbours (our alien friends) return to their home planet. The series of events and challenges that ensued aimed at helping children develop empathy, perspective taking and kindness to help those in need. Reaching out to someone who appears hurt or scared could be a courageous act! What’s more? The “villian” in our skit was also in a predicament, and the children graciously helped him out of his hardship with love and grit. It was a heartwarming scene to observe how willing the children were to reach out proactively.

While attempting the missions, the teachers incorporated fun and exciting learning activities that integrates a wide variety of mathematical concepts, such as numbers, patterns, measurement, colours and shapes, spaces, and data handling. We challenged the children to problem solve with creativity, and in this, understand what they can do within their abilities to resolve issues for others.

Let the photos do the talking!

While making choices throughout the skit and activities to complete their quest, our little Innovators have learned to identify and make critical choices that would have positive impacts on others (or aliens?). We were not the least surprised when all of them chorused “YES!” loudly when asked if they would help their new friends and even the Warlord (Mr Villian). Such kindness and generosity!

A simple SSDB quest at Little Atlas Preschool may seem insignificant and unconnected to our society at large. However, our children did not only learn about social issues, but also problem-solving, listening, critical thinking and collaboration skills. These are important skills that help them build connections with and contribute to our community. Using children’s imagination, we can create a safe and wonderful world where they are able to experiment with ideas, make choices and rehearse responses they would make in the real world.

Lastly, we went on a Learning Adventure to one of the world’s renowned airports - the Singapore Changi Airport! Participating in yet another series of missions and interacting with real people gave them invaluable first-hand experiences! Our children were tasked with identifying and approaching airport staffs to take photographs, interact with shopkeepers and their customers, talk to passengers before flight about where they would be visiting and what they are expecting, etc. These opportunities were plentiful and precious! In our professional reflections, we witnessed the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”. Indeed, it really does! Through this Learning Adventure, we hope to groom socially-responsible and kind individuals with a deep appreciation for our future community. We are surely on the right path!

Stay tuned for our next story!

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