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Ms Nur Radiah Binte Saadon
15 Oct 2021

Children’s Day Celebration - Animal Party

Title: Children’s Day Celebration - Animal Party

Date: 7th October 2021

Class: PG, N1, NR, K1, K2

Brief Introduction:

Children’s Day celebration was conducted in accordance with safe distancing measures. The event started by having Teacher Radiah to share a short PowerPoint presentation on the reason of this celebration which is to celebrate children and remember their rights to an education and love from their family. Teacher Radiah also shared about the different types of celebrations from other countries. Next, the English and Chinese teachers had a short performance to the song ‘I miss you’ and ‘Oppa Gangnam Style’. Then, children sing and danced to the song ‘Better when I’m dancing’. Afterwards, celebration continued in respective classes where they had their fashion show and games. In the afternoon, children enjoyed themselves during movie time watching ‘Paw Patrol the Movie’.


To celebrate children’s day 2021.

To share about the importance of celebrating every child.

To let children enjoy themselves on their day by playing games, receiving gifts and fashion show.


At the start of the event, children were seated in designated areas for each class with 2-meter distance between each class.

The event started with Teacher Radiah asking children if they knew what they are celebrating today. Children responded, ‘Children’s Day!’.

Teacher Radiah shared about the origins of Children’s Day celebration and the importance of celebrating it, for children to know their rights and be exposed to other children’s plight in other countries.

She also shared about the different type of ways other countries celebrate Children’s Day, such as, in Japan and Mexico.

Afterwards, children danced to the song ‘Better when I’m dancing’ following a dance video.

Next, children watched the teacher’s performance as the Chinese Language teachers sang and danced to the song ‘Hao Xiang Ni’ while the English Language Teachers danced to the song ‘Oppa Gangnam Style’.

After teachers wished all the children a ‘Happy Children’s Day’, all the classes went back to their classroom for the fashion show and games.

Then, teachers gave out their presents for the children and they were all excited to receive them.

Lastly, children enjoyed themselves as they watched ‘Paw Patrol the Movie’ with their friends.


Before the end of the session, class teachers conducted reflection with children by asking children what they had learned through the session and shared their opinion. They also encouraged children to share with family members.

Children’s Day Celebration on 7th October 2021

Performances by the Teachers!

Time for fun & games!

Fashion show and present time!

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