Ho Ren Hao Daniel

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Canberra Blk 330 (kn)

Ho Ren Hao Daniel
26 Aug 2018

Centre visit by Secondary School Students

In May, the students from AISS came to the centre to create awareness on Recycling. The brothers and sisters playes fun games and activities with us to show that reccycling can be fun too!

They played a game with us. We had to sort different items according to the different materials they were made from (plastics, paper, metal cans). It was just like putting the materials into the recycling bin.

We also did some brainstorming on how we can contribute in saving the Earth and in keeping the envionment clean and safe.

We also made Paper Mache which we used to create other 3D crafts later on.

We even get to design our own small bags that were made from old unused clothes!

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