Teacher Rin

Little Footprints Preschool (Woodlands)

Teacher Rin
27 Jun

Celebrating Our Grandparents: on ZOOM!

After our launch party, it’s time to connect with our grandparents via Zoom! The children had practiced for over two weeks for this event. The Playgroup sang and danced to “If You’re Happy” while the Pre-nursery danced to “Move!”. The older children participated in more interactive activities - for example, the Nursery children played a game called “Strike a Pose!” where the grandparents would have to match the pose done by the children as fast as possible, while the K1 and K2 children did chair exercise and fitness. The children were very excited to meet with all the grandparents and had fun the whole session! At the end of the day, they also brought back a snack pack for their grandparents to enjoy.

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