Nur Hazimah Binte Mohamed Nassir

Carpe Diem Young Hearts

Nur Hazimah Binte Mohamed Nassir
16 Sep 2022

CDYH SSDB 2022_Kindness towards our community: Carepacks for the Elderly at St Luke's Eldercare

Children continued to expand their understanding of kindness as we progressed through the topic. Upon completion of our neighbourhood clean up, children were able to see how this act of kindness can give an impact not just to the environment but also the community.

Moving forward, children discussed on other ways to show kindness towards our community.

With the help from the Singapore Kindness Movement we prepared carepacks for the elderly in our community. Children decorated and packed the carepacks. They also wrote encouraging words to brighten up the spirits of our seniors.N2



Visiting St Luke’s Eldercare

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