Ms Yati

Agape Little Uni @ Commonwealth

Ms Yati
28 Aug 2019

Carnival Day

The day had finally arrived! Months of planning, learning and preparing paid off as we relished in the Earth Day, Every Day carnival that we had anticipated. Our visitors were encouraged to bring along their own reusable bags and containers so as to promote eco-friendly efforts. With the booths set up and K2 children posted at each station, we were ready to welcome them.

The carnival had something for everyone! Parents, grandparents and siblings alike were having a great time engaged in games while others adorned their hands with henna and temporary tattoos. The little ones brought their parents around shopping for their beautiful artworks they had made and preloved items that were donated. After all the fun, they indulged in the treats made by our teachers and school cook. 

Here are some of the moments we have captured from the event!

Our carnival had been a success! Not only had we raised funds, we also managed to do so while promoting an environmentally conscious lifestyle for a sustainable future. Adapting a zero waste lifestyle may be tough, but definitely possible as we had observed many of our visitors with their reusable bags and containers. Recycling and upcycling are habits to be developed and it was proved by our children when they turned trash into treasure!

With that, we are looking forward to working with National Parks Board for the Plant-A-Tree Programme!

Plans to protect air and water, wilderness and wildlife are in fact plans to protect man. - Stewart Udall

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