Kelly Chua

Appleland Playhouse

Kelly Chua
28 Sep 2020

Caring for the Environment - 3Rs: Reduce

Our Caring for the Environment topic touches on the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle).

This week we taught the children the 1st R - ‘Reduce’. We showed pictures and videos to bring awareness of just how much waste Singapore generates every year and the impact these wastes have on the environment. We emphasised just how important we should all do our part to save the Earth.

Video clips were shown on how Singapore manages our waste by bringing the children through the journey of the waste from our rubbish bin to the landfill, Semakau Island.

After which we went through with them the different waste categories we generate on a daily basis to try to breakdown to them exactly how we can reduce our waste.

To reduce waste, we gave out the Zero Waste Challenge to both parents and children to complete at home over the weekends. It is an activity sheet with checklist they had to tick once they completed.

Below are a compilation of the completed activity sheets by the parents and children.

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