Ms Jeannie Anne Salve Alvarez Luces

Spring Brainy Kidz @ Ubi

Ms Jeannie Anne Salve Alvarez Luces
17 Aug 2020

Caring for the Elderly: Move to the Groove (Char Siu Pao)

Step, close, step and clap!

Surely, the elders love to move to the retro music, so our children prepared a dance for them, Char Siu Pao. Since we still cannot visit the Elderly home due to Covid-19, we planned to take a video of our children dancing to the music. And from this video, our grandmas and grandpas will watch it and will also learn the steps and later dance with it. This activity will also help them and our children to awaken the muscles in their body and become physically healthy. 

Here are the photos of our children who are practicing their dance moves. 

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