Wong Lai Meng

MFS - Edgedale Plains

Wong Lai Meng
18 Sep

Caring for the elderly in this Mid Autumn Festival

K1 children brought love and laughter to the elderly in St. Luke Eldercare when they celebrated Mid Autumn Festival together. The children performed the dance routine of two Chinese songs, 月亮 (moon) and 中秋节 (Mid Autumn Festival), as well as made lanterns using plastic containers.

The elderly were delighted to have the little ones in the house. As K1 children danced in front of the big audience, the elderly gave support by clapping to.the melody and some even danced together while sitting at their tables. The children were more confident and comfortable with the elderly as this was their second physical visit to the eldercare.

For the next activity, K1 children were paired with an elderly to paint on the plastic containers to create lanterns for Mid Autumn Festival. The elderly were very patient with the children, some even drew on the paper tablemat to guide the children in their drawing. Some children spoke in Mandarin to communicate better with the elderly while the teachers facilitated the art and craft session.

Through the intergenerational session, K1 children showed care and developed compassion towards the elderly around them. They danced and made lanterns with the elderly, creating the festival ambience that brought joy and laughter to the elderly. Good job, K1 children and thank you for your big hearts.

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