Norlizah Binte Mohammed Saleh

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bukit Batok East Blk 285C (KN)

Norlizah Binte Mohammed Saleh
24 May

Caring for our family

As Mother’s Day and Father’s Day approach, our primary focuses this year is to express love and appreciation for their effort in taling cate of the children.

At PCF Sparkletots Preschool@Bukit Batok East Blk 285C, highly value partnerships with parents and actively support the family values they instilled in their children.  We strongly believe that children at this stage should develop a deep understanding of their identity and roots. “Family” represents an unbreakable bond; a lasting relationship that holds its members together.  Simultaneously, parents play a crucial role in helping children recognize the signifance of family in their lives.  Children can rely on their parents and family for protevtion and provisions, forming their first meaningful relationship.

To reinforce the lessons we teach, ee organized a special event where parents were invited to come together and celebrate Mother’s Day.  Parents enthusiastically participated in baking cookies with their children, and our K2 classes performed a heart-warming song “I Love My Family” to express their love and gratitude.  Additionally, the children engaged in crafting activities to create heartfelt gifts for their mothers and grandmothers.

Through these experiences, we hope that these values become ingrained in the children’s daily lives.

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