Siti Rahayu

My First Skool @ Blk 698C Jurong West

Siti Rahayu
12 Sep

CARE-Pal food bank project

A follow up from the project launch, children have come together to brainstorm on how they can come and demonstrate care for the community. Then came the idea of food donations which was derived from preventing food wastage.  

Food is the moral right of all who are born into this world.

With that, 13 August 2019 we have reached out and called in The Foodbank Singapore to come in and conduct a talk on the importance of minimalising food wastage as much as possible. 

After a short presentation made by Ms Jasmine (from foodbank), the children became more equipped in the impact of food wastage and how The Foodbank Singapore has been playing their part to help the community. They were very intrigued in learning and discovering on how these Foodbanks actually distribute goods that were collected voluntarily by the public. 

From this talk alone, children learned that there are an average total of 7.70million tonnes of waste yearly. The results shocked the children and they went home to share on the importance of food conservation to their parents.  

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