Vanessa Lee

TOUCH Child Care (Clementi)

Vanessa Lee
31 Aug 2018

Care for Elderly: Exercise and Breakfast at TOUCH Senior Activity Centre

On 28 August, the morning started early at 8.15am for 24 K2 children from TCC Hougang and 21 K2 children from TCC Clementi, as they make their way to TOUCH Senior Activity Centre at Yishun Street 11.

The children were there to befriend 30 elderly residing around the estate and join them for their weekly morning exercise (“回春操”), which is conducted every Tuesday and Thursday at the Centre.

For 30 minutes, the children exercised alongside with the elderly they were paired up with and followed the cue of the staff leading the exercise at the front. They have spent weeks leading up to this day getting themselves familiar with the steps. Both elderly and children had a good work out and felt so accomplished together for starting the morning healthily.

After the exercise session, the children served the elderly breakfast (beehoon and soon kueh) and sat together with them for their own breakfast too. While many children were shy at the beginning, it was a heartening sight to see them warmed up and eventually stepping out of their comfort zone to befriend the elderly at their table. How rewarding it was to see the elderly and children smiling and delighting in each other’s company!

The children also performed 2 dance items for the elderly. Children from TCC Hougang brought immense energy to the crowd with their ‘Bar Bar Bar’ Crayon Pop dance, while children from TCC Clementi exhilarated everyone with their animated ‘Bananas Unite’ dance.

The day ended with the children and elderly giving each other a token of blessing and appreciation for the morning spent together - the children gave the elderly a loaf of Gardenia bread and the elderly gave the children a origami craft they made and a set of origami paper.

As the children waved goodbye and gave the elderly a high five and a hug so readily, we know for sure that they have enjoyed the time spent with the elderly and the friendship made. Who is TOUCH Senior Activity Centre?

TOUCH Senior Activity Centre (TSAC) provides eldercare support and services for seniors living in the Geylang Bahru / Kallang Bahru and Yishun neighbourhoods.

They reach out to lonely, socially isolated and vulnerable elderly living in the HDB rental units in these neighbourhoods, to provide care and support for those with little or no family support.

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