Mrs Susan Chua

Toa Payoh Methodist Church Kindergarten

Mrs Susan Chua
21 Jul

Bringing joy to our senior neighbours

The K1 & K2,children of Toa Payoh Methodist Preschool were excited that they were going to reach out to the seniors at Toa Payoh block 62B Care corner. The parents contributed healthy fruits (seedless grapes) and the children helped pack them into individual packets so that the seniors can bring them home to enjoy after their sponsored dinners. As they were also celebrating birthdays, we bought them gifts and goody bags. All the seniors went home with a gift or goody bag. Assuredly all went home with happy smiles.

To teach children that kindness begins at home, K1 children were encouraged to do chores at home to show kindness to their parents and domestic helpers. They came back to proudly tell their classmates of how they helped at home and how pleased were their parents. Truly a lesson on kindness that was heartwarming to all.

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