Maravilla Cienel Dela Concepcion

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Toa Payoh Central Blk 79B (CC)

Maravilla Cienel Dela Concepcion
5 Dec 2022


SSDB Launching

On 6th of May 2022, PCF Sparkletots Toa Payoh Central Block 79B collaborated an exhilarating plan with our beloved Elderly at the Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home – the Start Small Dream Big Project entitled “_Bridging Gap_”.

The goal of this collaboration is to establish meaningful connection and relationships with the residents, and to show our sincere appreciation and gratitude for the sacrifices they have made towards our nation of Singapore.

Our cheerful little students and their form-Teachers put together hand-in-hand various activities and games for our Elderly to enjoy during the entire Start Small Dream Big project.

Virtual Tour

We went on an exciting virtual tour around the residence of Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home on the 8th of June 2022 with the help of Mr. Emmanuel. He told us about the routines and many fun activities that Elderly enjoys. They even have various yearly celebrations which everyone in the home looks forward to each year.

Our little students at PCF Sparkletots 79B were astonished as they learned more about the Home. Yuxi, a K2 student, asked the speaker, “Who takes care of the Elderly?” Mr. Emmanuel shared with them the caregivers who lovingly assists the elderly each day. Mikel of Pre-Nursery said he wants to play with Grandma and Grandpa one day.

“The technology is best when it brings people together.”

Donation Drive

We lead a donation drive for the Elderly at Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home. The response that we received from the families of our students was overwhelming. Through their generous giving, we were able to provide our Elderly with healthy and nutritious snacks, energy drinks, and other basic necessities that they would require on a daily basis.

Both parents and students were involved in choosing and preparing of the food for our beloved Elderly — ensuring that all food items had the Healthier Choice Symbol to inculcate the message that everyone, no matter what age, are to eat nutritious food.

Our students across the board, from Playgroup all the way to Kindergarten 2, were engaged and ecstatic in helping out their form-Teachers to arrange and pack the hampers for our Elderly. They were really looking forward to seeing the smiles on the faces of our Ahgongs and Ahmahs.

Mr. Emmanuel, together with his colleague, went to our centre to collect the donations on the 17th of August 2022. They were grateful for the generosity and hard work of the parents and staffs.

DIY Games

Our students at PCF Sparkletots 79B hand-crafted various games that are fun and enjoyable for our beloved elderly. They painted and decorated them in a colourful manner that were eye-catching.


At the end of our program with Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home, both our children at PCF Sparkletots 79B and our beloved Elderly virtually interacted with one another via Zoom - they sang 两只老虎”Two Tigers” and Chan Mali Chan together, Ahgongs and Ahmahs has even prepared their props for the sing-along session.

In closing, this entire project was successful as it has achieved its goal — to establish meaningful connection and relationships between our beloved Elderly, the Staff at Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home, and also the students and teachers of PCF Sparkletots 79B.

This project has indeed bridged the generational gap between our beloved elderly and our lovely little students.

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