Jeannie Tang

Skool4kidz @ Woodlands Crescent Meadow

Jeannie Tang
7 Jun

'Breakfast with Mommies' event on Mother's Day Celebration

On the 10th of May 2024, Skool4Kidz Preschool @ Woodlands Crescent Meadow celebrated Mothers’ Day to commemorate, recognize and honour the dedication, hard work, and love that all mothers shower upon their children unconditionally. We invited all children and their mothers to join in for the celebration, where they spent quality time together during ‘Breakfast with Mom’ session while listening to sweet Mothers’ Day messages recorded by their children. The K1 and K2 children then mustered up their courage and performed a wonderful Mothers’ Day song and dance for all the mothers present during the celebration. The children were very elated to see their mothers beaming happily from ear to ear! 

After the photo-taking sessions, the K1 children were then escorted back to class, where they were given the opportunity to create a ‘Flower Bouquet’ craft using the colourful tissue / crepe papers provided. At the end of the celebration, the children had a great time discussing about different ways they can express their appreciation, love, respect and honour towards their mothers with their peers.

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